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Marie Dobenesque

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Re-imagine & re-design your career from a place of authenticity and purpose.

Change THE world by changing YOUR world

Build a triple-win career by being your most authentic YOU

It can be a lonely place for employees of Big Corp, and for a growing movement of people who are not in it for the status, power & money dream, it can be even worse.

In our friendly community you'll meet other beautiful humans that are approaching the idea of career differently and redefining what work can mean. 

By tapping into our combined experience and our collective experience, you'll get the confidence and permission to build a career that makes you come alive and allows you to achieve success on your own terms and make the impact you crave. While enjoying the financial security of a stable job!


What you will find

There is a lot of resource available to you here, but the most valuable of all is its members! Use this space to connect with people, get to know each other and help each other out, with your projects, your boss or just in life! This is a private space, so it's up to you how much you share - but in the spirit of 'You get what you give', we look forward to hearing your stories, experiences, ideas and insights, because real community comes from contribution.

Resources for you

  • 💡 Ideas Café – our live weekly knowledge exchange in small, facilitated groups where you can get direct feedback on your biggest challenge right now 

  • 🏃 Mastermind groups – our virtual peer-coaching group where you can co-work with fellow members and get the important stuff done

  • 🎥 Exclusive videos and ✒️ Exclusive posts as well as our archive of webinars, workshops and blog articles

  • 🎓 Access to our Fulfilling Career Design Masterclass – our step-by-step course to creating a career so exciting you won't struggle to get out of bed anymore

About Me

My name is Marie and I live and work full time in a Big Corp in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. And crazy thing - I'm happy 😂 But for the first 10 years of my career, I was torn and confused because I was not recognized for you I was but for how well I was playing along. As the years passed this feeling that something was off only got bigger, until I hit the wall with a burn-out in 2015. 

That’s when I decided to re-imagine and re-think my career in line with my authentic true-self and on the basis of my priorities and my sense of purpose. Nowadays I am passionate about showing people that it is absolutely possible to have the comfort of a stable job in Big Corp AND the fulfillment of a career built on purpose. 

Why this community?

While access to this group is free of charge (even though I keep hearing how much VALUE it is), what I share in this group is not for public consumption - this is a private group for 2 reasons:

  1. because it offers us the possibility to be REALLY honest, unfiltered and politically incorrect, without fear of the consequences of how it could be interpreted or used against us. 
  2. because when you step in here, we ask you to come as your are. We don’t need to know which company you work for or what your job title is. We welcome you for the human that you are, with your story, your insights and your questions - and that’s how we create a powerful and safe space for us to be unconditionally supportive of each other.

So what you will find in this group is regular content from me, access to exclusive workshops and webinars and ready-to-use tools, templates and strategies to guide you towards creating a purpose-based career that rocks. 

But most importantly, the primary goal of this community is to break the isolation and bring amazing people together - you’ll get connected with people who understand what you are going through, and you are just a few steps ahead of you.

  • Experience exclusive content and conversations you can’t find anywhere else, because, you know, political correctness 😉
  • Meet people who also want to get more out of their job and who are creating a meaningful career that rocks
  • Find more diverse options and make better decisions about your job and your life from a place of authenticity rather than conformity
  • Swap stories, experiences and ideas around our shared mission to drive the transition towards business-for-good, one happy human at a time

A Big Thank You

I run this community in my free time with the purpose to help people unleash their potential, feel better in their skin and avoid burn-out. The intent is to make a lot of resources available for free or at very low cost, to reach as many people as possible. I am also committed to dedicate 10% of the profits generated to time-for-the-planet, an organization which is fundraising 1 billion euros to create 100 companies fighting against global warming.

Your generous sharing and honest vulnerability is what makes this group amazing. Please be active in the group and share, react, post - it's your group as much as mine. Also feel free to invite others to join so that we can, together, stop the epidemic of burn-out, unleash the full potential of humans in the workplace and support the transition towards business-for-good.

Not sure?

If you are more curious then committed, no worries! Check out our website first and download our free e-book to get a flavor of what we are about 😉

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